Bachelor of Nursing


Nursing Program at VinUniversity

Across the globe, nursing is a growing, ever-evolving profession and Vietnam is part of this exciting change. We invite you to be part of this growth at VinUni! Here at VinUni, you will gain an understanding of nursing as both an art and a science. You will learn what it means to practice based on evidence, with the patient at the center of your nursing care.

Your understanding of nursing will expand as you begin your education, realizing that nursing encompasses more than just hospital or medical care. As a nurse, you will be at the forefront of ensuring safety and quality of care wherever you work. You may play a crucial role in assisting with disasters, epidemics, or emergency situations. And of course, you can work with people of all age groups, promoting well-being, preventing illness, and fostering health literacy.

The nursing program at VinUni is just the first step in your professional journey. There will be numerous opportunities for advancing your nursing career through both short-term and long-term advanced educational programs. Eventually, you may aspire to become a nurse educator or administrator, shaping the future of nursing and healthcare in Vietnam. But it all starts with taking the first step into the Bachelor of Nursing program. If you have questions, know that we are here to help.

Nurses represent the largest number of health professionals worldwide, yet there is a global shortage of nursing professionals. Currently, we need at least 5.9 million more nurses. Will you be part of that number?

Nursing Program

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