VinUniversity Career Readiness – Student’s pathway to success

Event date: 10/10/2023

VinUniversity Career Readiness – Student’s pathway to success

Following the Convocation Ceremony, VinUniversity continued to host a “Career Readiness” rountable discussion, with the participation of parents of VinUniversity 2nd to 4th year students.

The esteemed parents had the opportunity to listen to profound insights about career development from VinUniversity students themselves, representatives from the university, businesses, and professors from Cornell University.

Representatives from major corporations like Ernst & Young and Corning highly valued the confidence, knowledge, and skills of VinUniversity students in real-world situations. They also encouraged students to actively participate in driving innovation and business development. 

“All levels of executives at EY-Parthenon have a high regard for the skills and quality of VinUniversity students, with an average rating of 4/5,” commented Ms. Đào Thiên Hương, Senior Partner of EY Parthenon. 

VinUniversity’s Provost, Professor David Bangsberg, shared about the three career paths that students can pursue after graduation, namely, working in corporates, researches, or startups. It can be affirmed that VinUniversity has put its utmost effort into preparing students for these paths over the past three years. 

Prfessor David Bangsberg – Provost of VinUniversity shared about the three career paths that students can pursue after graduation

“We have strived to build an ecosystem that connects with leading corporations and many world-class universities/ research institutes to provide our students with the most valuable experiences and opportunities possible,” emphasized Professor David Bangsberg. 

VinUniversity students shared their internship experiences, challenges, and development opportunities at leading conglomerates like McKinsey, as well as the chance to receive formal job offers even before graduation. In addition, the parents also listened to stories about exchange opportunities at Cornell and the adventurous journey of students’ startups. 

 Professor Max John Pfeffer from Cornell University praised VinUniversity’s education model and support system for students’ career development, including the opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies at top renowned global universities. He also offered advice to help students choose career paths that align with their interests and abilities. 

 Professor Max John Pfeffer from Cornell University

Finally, the parents had the opportunity to engage in direct discussions with VinUniversity faculty members, exchange opinions, and ask questions about the curriculum and the career development prospects for their children. 

Career Readiness serves as a precious forum where the university addressed the parents’ concerns about the upcoming graduation of the first batch of VinUniversity students. This discussion demonstrates VinUniversity’s commitment to student education and career development, alongside strong support from parents and businesses. 

VinUni’s parents at the event

…. and VinUni’s students sharing