Exchange program of SMU students at VinUni – A 10-day experience but long-lasting memory

May 15, 2024

The cultural exchange journey in Vietnam of Singapore Management University (SMU) and VinUni students has come to an end. These 10 days have opened doors for connection and understanding, leaving behind many memories and emotions for students from both universities.

Vinuni and SMU students enjoy the local food in Ninh Binh.

VinUni and SMU students enjoy the local food in Ninh BinhBeyond a mere exchange program, we have borderless connection: students from both universities explored specialized knowledge together, creating a diverse and dynamic learning environment. We have beautiful memories, new knowledge, strong relationships: carrying back beautiful memories, professional knowledge, and most importantly, new friendships and deep understanding of diverse culture and education.

VinUni Faculty is delivering a lecture.

“The three words to describe this experience are: fun, balanced, and eye-opening. It’s fun because I participated in many activities with my friends. It’s balanced because it was not just playing but a good mix of work as well. And It’s eye-opening because I experienced and learned a lot about Vietnamese culture.” shared an SMU student.

SMU student is exciting to share his experience at VinUni.

The program affirms the power of collaboration among universities, the importance of cultural exchange for youth, promising to open new chapters for future cooperation and development. Let’s together spread the passion for learning and exploration! Look back on the beautiful images of students from both universities in the recent journey with VinUni!