Medical Doctor


Overview of Medical Doctor Program at VinUni 

Whether you are a future MD student or already a part of our community, we are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with you as you pursue excellence in the field of medicine.  Under the framework of Clinician, Professional, and Researcher (CPR), our program is meticulously designed in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania to provide you with a comprehensive education that encompasses not only the foundational knowledge of medicine but also the practical skills necessary to thrive in a dynamic healthcare landscape.  Through immersive clinical training, you will have the opportunity to apply classroom learning in real-world healthcare settings, working alongside experienced professionals to develop your diagnostic acumen, patient care skills, bedside manner and much more.

In addition to clinical training, we place a strong emphasis on professionalism, recognizing that integrity, empathy, and ethical conduct are essential qualities of an exceptional physician. Through specialized training, you will cultivate the interpersonal skills and ethical framework necessary to navigate complex healthcare scenarios with compassion and integrity.

Furthermore, our program is dedicated to fostering a culture of inquiry and innovation through research training. Our faculty are here to provide mentorship and guidance in support of your research endeavors, empowering you to contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge in collaboration with faculty at VinUniversity and through our extensive international partnerships with elite institutions around the world.

We cherish the diversity of our student community and are committed to creating an inclusive learning environment where every voice is heard and valued. Our faculty, staff, and peers are here to provide unwavering support throughout your journey. Together, let us embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, knowing that each experience will shape us into the empathetic, skilled, and resilient physicians of tomorrow, creating meaningful differences in the lives of our patients and communities both in Vietnam and globally.

Welcome to the Medical Doctor Program – where knowledge meets compassion, and excellence knows no bounds.  We’re honored to have you with us and eagerly anticipate the incredible contributions you will make to our program.

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