Longitudinal Mentoring Program

Longitudinal Mentoring Program

Mentoring is an important part of the professional development of medical graduates. There is evidence in the literature that mentoring by the doctor has positive effects on student well-being and career development.

At VinUniversity, each student in the MD Program at VinUniversity will be matched with a clinician who will be the mentor for the duration of the MD program. Based on the Nurturing model of mentoring, the Longitudinal Mentoring Program will offer a safe and open environment in which MD students can discuss personal issues, learn, and try things for themselves with their mentors acting as resources and facilitators.

Requirements for recruitment

  • Doctors regardless of age, gender, specialty, workplace with desire to support and mentor for medical students. Time commitment is expected from 3-4 hours per semester (5-6 months/semester).

There will be orientation sessions to acquaint the mentors and assistance will be provided on Full Time basis to
support the process. Where a mentor cannot attend the session, online session will be available for the prospective mentors.

Contact us

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For more information, please feel free to reach out to us at mdeducation@vinuni.edu.vn.